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Question Bank section familiarizes you with multiple choice questions and aptitude questions from various competitive examinations for government departments and educational institutes. The Question Bank app helps you to prepare for any level of competitive exams. In this app you can find numerous aptitude multiple choice questions from almost all the general subjects all around the world. The answers are also given.


The app provides daily current affair for 2015 along with question banks and mock test series. The main Features are:

1. A daily update of current affair 2015 questions.
2. Competitive exam focused objective questions.
3. Practice objective question banks for various topics.
4. Free mock test and online test series.

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Learn GK just like a Game

Learn and Quiz Modes

The app has 2 modules named Learn and Quiz . Learn module has descriptive  text lessons  and Quiz module has the facility to test what we studied choosing difficulty level


The app is built like a game . Its having the features to share your score among friends in Facebook, twitter , email etc. It also has a global score card to highlight our performance

Highest level of user retention

In IOS and Android , QBGK has the highest level of user retention . Almost 70-80% of users who downloaded the app using it on a regular basis

Is it free to use ? Yes it is completely free.
Why we need an app as there are many online tutorials available ? The app provides daily current affair for 2015 along with question banks and mock test series.
Is this  app covering all the topics in Competitive exams ? Definitely No. We are adding contents to the app almost every week .
Is the app features complete in all sense ? No.  It is in beta only . More and more features coming soon.

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