Learn PHP – Simple PHP Tutorial


PHP tutorial can help you learn PHP inside and out. Find out how to use PHP with a MySQL database. This app has 2 modules named Learn and Quiz.This application is for learning PHP Programming in basic level for beginners. More and More chapters and questions will be added almost every day. Stay tuned to increase your programming expertise. Learn PHP- Simple PHP Tutorial include hundreds of fun and challenging questions along with PHP Programming tutorials. In PHP app you can learn :

Sessions &Cookies
String Functions
File Handling
Date/ Time Functions

The Features

We are offering new and advanced topics for you to learn and play in a very interesting manner. Full access to all topics is absolutely free. The main features are

1. Categories covering all PHP Programming topics
2. Well Written tutorials in all categories
3. Categories and Chapters are added on daily basis
4. Three modes for each category – Easy, Medium and Hard
5. Music on/off option
6. Daily updated questions for every category
7. Share score in Facebook, Twitter etc and challenge your friends
8. Displays your top scores in each category
9. Option to submit your score to global score card if you performed
10. Global score card with top ten scores in each category along with
your name
11. Speed bonus if you answer quick Difficulty bonus if you select
medium and hard modes

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Learn PHP just like a Game

Learn and Quiz Modes

The app has 2 modules named Learn and Quiz . Learn module has descriptive  text lessons  and Quiz module has the facility to test what we studied choosing difficulty level.


The app is built like a game . Its having the features to share your score among friends in Facebook, twitter , email etc. It also has a global score card to highlight our performance

Highest level of user retention

In IOS and Android , PHPT has the highest level of user retention . Almost 70-80% of users who downloaded the app using it on a regular basis

Is it free to use? Yes it is completely free.
Then what is the need of pro version ? For those who need an ad free version only .
Why we need an app as there are many online tutorials available ? The app is for  the people who are busy and still  like to PHP . Imagine the convenience of learning when you are waiting for the train or traveling in a bus .
Is this  app covering all the topics in PHP ? Definitely No. We are adding contents to the app almost every week . Our aim is to make this app an all in one PHP learning app within 6 months
Is the app features complete in all sense ? No.  It is in beta only . More and more features coming soon.

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