Found an awesome App Website Creation Tool – 100% Free !

Create beautiful app websites for iOS and Android Apps. Yes it is 100% free. ARD website creation tool is made for app developers and marketers to save time and money in creating app websites. Why you need to create your own app landing page spending hundreds of dollars and many days of work? No need at all! You can create your app website in less than 1 minute for free!

You can read more about the free app landing page here

We have created some clean , simple websites for our apps

Some samples here—Challenging-Sports-Trivia—GK-Questions—General-Knowledge-Exam-Kit

Features of the tool :

  • Create website in less than one minute.
  • All data is taken directly from the app store and play store, so it’s always up-to-date and accurate.
  • Data automatically updates in every 2 days to display the latest app stats.
  • You can add your Facebook page, Twitter account, custom menu & custom page content to the website.
  • You can customize font colour, background colour and main image of the website.
  • You can link the website to your own domain or use our sub domain.
  • Fully responsive.
  • More features coming soon.

Tutorial to add your custom domain to app website available here.

Recommended for all who wish to create beautiful websites for their IOS and Android Apps !

You can sign up free here



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